Paying for a website? I can get it for free…(and 2)

But let’s not be so negative; let’s consider the best-case scenario: the family member/friend is a good web designer, invests all the necessary time in creating the website, meets all quality standards, spends a considerable amount of money from their own pocket to make the work truly professional, and charges us nothing.
In other words: we would have a fantastic website at zero economic cost, but it would leave us with a huge moral debt that, sooner or later, would be collected by the other party.

And here I think of a saying: ‘Freedom is not free’… and websites aren’t either. Even if they were made ‘for free,’ we would end up paying for them in one way or another, and it would surely be much more expensive than if we paid a professional a few hundred euros, from whom we could also demand an extraordinary job.

And we wouldn’t be in debt to anyone… who knows when and how they might want to collect the favor.