14 November, 2023

Online Shop Design

Why sell only to those who pass by our store? It’s better to sell throughout Spain… even worldwide. Why limit sales to the opening hours? It’s better to sell at night, on Sundays, and holidays.

Yes, with an online store, your market is not limited to those who enter your business during opening hours; your potential customers are all the people searching for your product or service. And where do people search nowadays? On the internet.

We put your business and products online and ensure that anyone looking to buy them can find them. We configure the various payment methods you choose: credit/debit card, PayPal, Bizum, bank transfer, and/or cash on delivery.

Have you considered offering installment payments to your customers (SeQura, Aplázame, Klarna, Cofidis, Oney…)? Offering the option to pay in installments has many advantages: it increases the average cart value, reduces abandoned carts, and leads to more sales. In short, you gain more profits by allowing your customers to buy in installments. Moreover, if you don’t offer this option, they may end up buying from the competition, which does.

And, of course, we teach you how to upload products (so you don’t have to depend on us or anyone else), how to create offers, run promotional campaigns, and more.

Do you want to know more? We’ll tell you here: This is how we work