15 November, 2023

QR Code Menu for restaurants, bars & coffee shops

  • “A supplier provides the QR for free.”
  • “A family member/friend provides the QR for free.”
  • “They give me the QR for free, and I only pay the monthly maintenance.”
  • “I receive the QR as a gift when buying stickers, vinyl, etc.”

Really? For free? If you already have a website, it’s a different story, but if you don’t, where does that QR code lead?

Well, it can lead to various places (each worse than the other):

  • To photos of the menu (yes, you read that right: one or several photos of your menu). Imagine your customer enlarging the photo and swiping it from side to side to see it in full.
  • To a PDF that, in many cases, automatically downloads to the mobile device (and the frustration that comes with it). In this case, customers will also use their fingers to zoom in and swipe left and right to view it in full.
  • To a space on the website of the provider who gives you the QR code for free (how clever… thousands of views on their website!). Every time someone scans the QR code to view your menu, it counts as a visit to the website of the entity “gifting” you the QR code. You’re providing them with 1,500, 2,000… visits per month to their website. Do you know how challenging it is to get that many visits to a website? And you’re giving them away! Those visits could be for your business, and as you know, the more visits a website has, the easier it is to rank high on Google.


We show you what could be your menu in QR code, and, after that, we will explain you what our QR code menu service entails.


Real example of a QR menu developed by us


Carta QR Restaurante Jarín del Río Cuervo en Cuenca

“Try scanning the QR code

(Or if you’re on mobile, click the code, and it will open in a new tab).

This QR code will take you to the QR menu created for the Jardín del Río Cuervo restaurant in Vega del Codorno, Cuenca.

We’ve also created a short video so you can see how it works without needing to scan.




QR Menu Design for Restaurants, Bars, Cafés…


Your menu will be multilingual, featuring all the languages you desire.

Self-manageable: You won’t need anyone to change prices, photos, or the daily menu.

Every time someone views your menu, you’re enhancing your Google ranking to appear at the top.

No monthly costs.

Your QR code will be personalized with your logo, colors, and branding.

Once visitors access your menu, they can directly connect with your social media (gaining followers on Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

They can also leave opinions on TripAdvisor, Google Reviews, The Fork, etc., directly.

They can easily share your menu with a single click on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Your menu and QR code will be ready in less than 48 hours.


More examples of QR menus developed by us



Carta QR Restaurante Casa Amadeo en Ruzafa Valencia

Try scanning the QR code

(As mentioned: if you’re on mobile, tap the QR code).

This QR code will take you to the QR menu created for Casa Amadeo restaurant in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia.

And if you don’t feel like scanning the QR code, you can also watch the video.




Carta QR Restaurante Marisqueria Islas Canarias en Valencia

Scan the QR code or simply click on it.

This is the QR code for the QR menu we’ve created for the seafood restaurant Islas Canarias in Valencia.

You can also see how it looks without leaving this page. What do you think? Did you like it?