Why it’s a mistake to postpone the website for “when it suits me”

Can you imagine starting a business and not putting up a sign (or storefront) outside, leaving it for “later, when the business picks up”?

Right? What would happen? Well, it would never go well. No one would enter because they wouldn’t know what you sell or offer. You would miss potential customers, 200/300 people passing by every day… but they would just walk past. That’s exactly what it’s like to start a business without having a website; but it wouldn’t be 200/300 people who could buy/hire but won’t… it would be thousands. The thousands of daily users searching the internet for a service/product similar to yours and buying it, yes, but not from you – because they don’t know you exist – but from your competition. If you think what we just told you isn’t crazy, we invite you to keep reading: Web Design